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Rage-Or is a psycopath. He relishes death, not caring who's doing the dying. While some like to write him off as a intellectually-challenged serial murderer, he is much smarter than he appears.

Fiction Edit

Toy Bio Edit

An unstoppable Berserker. He cares not if his targets are Alpharoids or Betaroids, reveling in the destruction of both. As of yet, he tends kill more Alpharoids than Betaroids. This is the only reason he hasn't been executed.

Fantastic Features' Metamorphoids Edit

  • Rage-Or was a member of Lasernet's Kill-Team. While the main group attacked Sub-Base Two, Rage-Or slipped into the Sub-Base's Escape Tunnel System. He cornered Roll, Scramble, Dodge, and a troupe of Alpharoid troopers and slaughtered them. These events took place in Four for Sub-Base Two.
  • The Kill-Team then initiated the Sub-Base's self-destruct sequence after retrieving a Datacube for Lasernet in Lull.
  • After Detector discovered the identities of the culprits, the Kill-Team hijacked a cargo ship and passed through Sub-Base Four's defenses in Picking Up The Pieces.
  • Detector and a squad of Soldier-Juridicals arrived in scene before the Kill-Team could escape. Razerblade was shot and killed by one of the Alpharoids while Terramax was damaged. Nevertheless, the SJ force was forced into a strategic retreat while the Kill-Team fled into the wilderness. These events took place in Cornered.
  • After nearby reinforcements arrived, Detector pursued the remaining Kill-Team members in the wilderness. After capturing Windchill and Terramax, Detector and five Soldier-Juridicals began looking for Rage-Or. Rage-Or began slowly picking off SJ members until only Detector remained. Following a brutal fight, Rage-Or tossed Detector off a cliff but Detector reacted quickly enough to shoot at the jutting rock Rage-Or was standing on. Both presumably died from the fall. These events took place in Long Arm of The Law.

CCC's The New War mini-series Edit

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Crash Test Comic's The Old War series Edit

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Toys Edit


  • Rage-Or (1984)
    • Accessories: Buzzsaw, cannons, and plasma gun
Rage-Or is composed primarily of black, blue, and gray plastic. In his robot form he resembles a minotaur. His vehicle mode resembles a (wide) futuristic tank with a buzzsaw in front. His two large cannons can be attached to his arms or placed in his hands, while the smaller cannon becomes his pistol. His buzzaw can be used as melee weapon.

Trivia Edit

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