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Paladin is a silent, implacable warrior. He fights only FOR JUSTICE.

Fiction Edit

Toy Bio Edit

Paladin is the leader of the Heroicos. A master swordsman, he fights FOR JUSTICE.

CCC's Aftermath mini-series Edit

During his battle with The Adversary, Paladin mysteriously appeared, saving Twinstorm from certain death in Chapter 5.

CCC's The New War mini-series Edit

Paladin was present on Chrysalis Minor when a Battle-Moon rammed into the planet and detonated a chronal bomb in Bringing Down The Hammer. He was most likely killed.

Myths & Monsters Edit

Paladin is one of the many cameos glimpsed in Checkmate, Part 4.

Crash Test Comic's The Old War series Edit

In Boiling Point, a cloak-wearing Paladin missing his lower right arm is seen.

Toys Edit

Ciento-Veinte's MetamorfoydesEdit

  • Paladin (1985)
    • Accessories: Sword
Paladin is a repainted and slightly retooled version of Helios Maximus. Helios' yellow has been replaced with white, accented with yellow, red and blue. Like Helios, he metaforms into a twin-cabbed crane. Paladin is missing Helios' guns, coming instead with a sword/giant machete. His head was slightly remolded, having a pointy crest and a knight-like visor.

Trivia Edit

  • Paladin is probably the most awesomest robot ever.

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