Metamorfoydes, CCC's Aftermath mini-series





Murcielago is shrouded in mystery. He can combine with Destructor, Captain of the Malvados. His name means Bat in English. That's all we've got.

Fiction Edit

Toy Bio Edit

Destructor is the Captain of the Malvados. He can combine with his robot Murcielago.

CCC's Aftermath mini-series Edit

The Murcielago-combined Destructor (or someone identical to him) was one of the "champions" killed by The Adversary.

Toys Edit

Ciento-Veinte's MetamorfoydesEdit

  • Destructor (1985)
    • Accessories: Murcielago/combiner bits, 2 combinable rifles, sword
Destructor is a repainted version of Smashor, replacing most of the orignal's forest green with a dark blue and the gray parts with red. Like Smashor, he metaforms into an...armored anti-craft car. Or something. The combiner bits that came with Smashor (Dreadnaut's fists, chestplate, and head) were all extensively retooled, enabling them to combine into the bat-like Murcielago. It should be noted that Murcielago's guns/Destructor's super-feet and the giant sword are original pieces created in Mexico and have not been yet duplicated in other Metamorphoid line.

Trivia Edit

  • Murcielago is only named/mentioned in Destructor's toy bio.
  • Some fans believe that Murcielago is a mindless drone, using the "his robot Murcielago" as proof of this idea.

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